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Are you searching for Zoup price of the menu? If yes, then when you read this post, you can find out about the prices because we’re going to inform you everything about the restaurant, including their history, phone information, and the Zoup menu price.

If we look at the past of this restaurant, then it was created on the 27th of September 1997 in Southfield with the aim to provide the finest soups and other dishes to its patrons.

Therefore, without wasting time take a look at the prices on Zoup’s menu and contact information.



Chicken Potpie Side (8 oz.) $4.25
Chicken Potpie Cup (12 oz.) $5.35
Chicken Potpie Bowl (16 oz.) $6.50
Chicken Potpie Extra Large (32 oz.) $10.50
Chicken Potpie Bread Boule $6.50
Corkscrew Chicken Side (8 oz.) $3.95
Corkscrew Chicken Cup (12 oz.) $4.95
Corkscrew Chicken Bowl (16 oz.) $5.95
Corkscrew Chicken Extra Large (32 oz.) $9.65
Corkscrew Chicken Bread Boule $6.50
Lemon Basil Chicken Side (8 oz.) $4.40
Lemon Basil Chicken Cup (12 oz.) $5.60
Lemon Basil Chicken Bowl (16 oz.) $6.75
Lemon Basil Chicken Extra Large (32 oz.) $11.25
Lemon Basil Chicken Bread Boule $6.50
Potato Cheddar Side (8 oz.) $3.95
Potato Cheddar Cup (12 oz.) $4.95
Potato Cheddar Bowl (16 oz.) $5.95
Potato Cheddar Extra Large (32 oz.) $9.65
Potato Cheddar Bread Boule $6.50
Mulligatawny Side (8 oz.) $4.25


Cobb Whole Salad $6.75
Cobb Half Salad $4.75
Asian Whole Salad $6.75
Asian Half Salad $4.75
Chicken Caesar Whole Salad $6.50
Chicken Caesar Half Salad $4.50
Greek Whole Salad $6.50
Greek Half Salad $4.50
Lemon Caper Tuna Whole Salad $6.75
Lemon Caper Tuna Half Salad $4.75
Loco Burrito Whole Salad $6.75
Loco Burrito Half Salad $4.75
Sonoma Whole Salad $6.75

Zoup! Menu Sandwich

Zoup! Menu Sandwich

Chicken Greek Whole Sandwich $6.50
Chicken Greek Half Sandwich $4.50
Chicken Toscana Whole Sandwich $6.75
Chicken Toscana Half Sandwich $4.75
MTB (Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil) Whole Sandwich $6.75
MTB (Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil) Half Sandwich $4.75
Pesto 3 Cheese Whole Sandwich $6.25
Pesto 3 Cheese Half Sandwich $4.25
Southwest Turkey Whole Sandwich $6.50
Southwest Turkey Half Sandwich $4.50

Dessert & Sides

Dessert & Sides

Chocolate Chunk Cookie $1.50
Oatmeal Raisin Cookie $1.50
Chocolate Chunk Brownie $1.95
Veggie Chips $1.79
Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips $1.79
Multigrain Tortilla Chips $1.79
Jalapeno Tortilla Chips $1.79
Extra Sourdough $0.45
Extra Multigrain $0.45
Extra French $0.45



Soda Small $1.49
Soda Medium $1.69
Soda Large $1.89
Water Bottle $1.50


Zoup! was established in the year 2000 by Eric Archer. The company was initially founded by Eric Archer. who made a mix of spices for restaurants. Since his company worked closely with chefs who were experienced, Archer was able to receive advice from experts. 

Archer left the original business in 1997 and formed working with the chef. They worked together for more than two years creating the recipes to make soups.

In 1998, the group had perfected their recipes and was ready to offer them to the general public. The first restaurant was opened in Southfield, Michigan, where it quickly became extremely popular. The owners invested a lot of energy into their soup, and the result was a huge success. Customers were raving about their delicious and fresh delicious soup.


Zoup!’s menu offers 12 different soups that are changed daily. The most sought-after soups include Chicken Potpie and Lobster Bisque. All soups are served with freshly baked bread. Customers are able to try the soup before placing a placed order. This is a good method to let customers make sure that they enjoy the food before they decide to purchase it.

In addition to the famous soups Zoup! offers sandwiches and salads. There are sandwiches and salads. Power Quinoa salad and the Maple Ham and Bacon sandwich are excellent choices. These include low-fat, vegetarian, and gluten-free options for those who have dietary restrictions. The recipes are innovative and are made using delicious, fresh ingredients.

The ambiance of the restaurant is usually casual. The decor and furnishings feature a contemporary, eclectic design. At lunchtime the restaurant may be quite noisy and crowded However, the overall experience is enjoyable. It’s usually bright and clean and the staff is welcoming and accommodating. Customers are not required to wait longer than a couple of minutes before the food is served.

Prices are somewhat high considering the quantity of food that is served, however, the flavor is worth the price. Many food items are available for less than $15. Some of them are lower than $10. There are different hours for each area, but they usually start at 11:00 am and close by 8:00 PM. Lunchtime is the busiest hour during the day.

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Zoup Contact Information

Zoup Corporate Office Address- 28290 Franklin Rd. Southfield, MI 48034

Zoup Corporate Office Phone Number- (800) 961-3071

Social Profiles

Facebook Page: facebook.com/ZoupEatery

Instagram Account: instagram.com/zoupeatery/

Twitter Handle: twitter.com/zoupeatery

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