Yifang Menu With Price Canada 2022

Yifang Menu With Price Canada 2022

Yifang Her birth year was 1920, during the Japanese colonial era from 1895 until 1945. Teachers at school were referring to her as Yoshiko. Yoshiko was my maternal grandmother who was married to an unmarried farmer. My grandfather worked on the pineapple farm all day. The scorching sun took away the husband’s care.

Yoshiko used the most beneficial use of overripe pineapples and then braised them to make a preservative nature-inspired jam. She whipped up a huge container of heat-clearing and thirst-quenching water from pineapple every day, and it was soon the go-to drink for her husband.

Taiwan is a stunning and abundant Treasure Island, which has been the home of many generations of Taiwanese. Whatever the happiness or sorrow the simplicity, warmth, and hospitality of the Taiwanese is what are most valued. The most well-known tea made from the fruit of Yifang has the name of childhood and the secret formula of grandmother. Only the freshest fruits are used. 

The juice is not concentrated. added, and only the seasoning fruits are used. The guests can enjoy the fresh and sweet taste of the fruits. All of the ingredients are from Taiwan. Our focus is on MIT (Made from Taiwan) and replicating the old and traditional taste.

Yifang Menu With Price  


Popular Items

Popular Items

 Yifang Fruit Tea $6.50
 Pearl Black Tea Latte $6.25
 Puli Passion Fruit Green Tea $5.50
 Grass Jelly Tea Latte $6.25
 Black Tea Latte $5.50
 Aiyu Jelly Lemon Green Tea $5.50
 Winter Melon Lemon Juice $5.50
 Pineapple Green Tea $5.50
 Winter Melon Milk $5.50
 Jinfeng Roselle Lemon Slice Juice $5.50

Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes

All drinks are sweetened with cane sugar.
Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes
Yifang Fruit Tea (Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes) $6.50
Puli Passion Fruit Green Tea (Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes) $5.50
Pineapple Green Tea (Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes) $5.50
Winter Melon Lemon Juice (Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes) $5.50
 Jiuru Lemon Green Tea $5.00
Aiyu Jelly Lemon Green Tea (Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes) $5.50
 Ilan Kumquat Green Tea $5.00
 Xinyi Green Plum Green Tea $5.00
 Traditional Star Fruit Juice $4.75
 Guanshi Mesona Herb Tea $4.75
 Pouchong Green Tea $4.75
 Sun Moon Lake Black Tea $4.75
 Songboling Jade Tea $5.00
Traditional Winter Melon Juice $4.75
 Honey Floral Juice $4.50
Jinfeng Roselle Lemon Slice Juice (Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes) $5.50
 Honey Floral Jade Tea $5.25
 Shikou Cane Jade Tea $6.75
 Pearl Black Tea $5.25
Pearl Black Tea (Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes) $5.25
 Pearl Green Tea $5.25
Pearl Black Tea Latte (Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes) $6.25
Grass Jelly Tea Latte (Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes) $6.25
Winter Melon Milk (Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes) $5.50
Black Tea Latte (Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes) $5.50
 Oolong Tea Latte $5.50
 Shikou Cane Milk $6.75
 Green Tea Latte $5.50
Green Tea Latte (Teas, Milk, Juices, & Lattes) $5.50
 Black Tea Cream Latte $6.00
 Green Tea Cream Latte $6.00
 Oolong Tea Cream Latte $6.00
 Jade Tea Cream Latte $6.25

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