Wok Box Menu With Price Canada 2023

Wok Box Menu Canada 2023

The Canadian fast food franchise Wok Box is known for its authentic, flavorful Asian fare. Wok Box Menu With Price Canada are generally reasonable, making it a great option for a quick and satisfying meal.

In Wok Box Menu Canada offers a full of customizable noodle boxes, rice bowls & salads, all of which showcase an emphasis on robust flavours & nutritious ingredients.

Wok Box is a quick, delectable lunch or dinner choice.

Wok Box Menu With Price Canada

Wok Box Menu With Price Canada

Sure! In Canada, you may find the fast-casual restaurant brand Wok Box, which serves up authentic dishes with an Asian twist.

They provide a range of protein & vegetable toppings for their noodle boxes, rice bowls & salads.

Wok Box is a fast-food restaurant chain in Canada with reasonably priced menu items (ranging from $10 to $15 CDN).

Noodle Box

Noodle Box

Menu Item Price
Teriyaki $ 15.99
Pad Thai $ 15.99
Dan Dan $ 15.99
Sweet Mongolian $ 15.99
Kung Pao $ 15.99
Singapore Cashew $ 15.99
Firecracker $ 15.99

Noodle Box Combos

Menu Item Price
Teriyaki Combo $ 20.48
Pad Thai Combo $ 20.48
Dan Dan Combo $ 20.48
Sweet Mongolian Combo $ 20.48
Hong Kong Spice Combo $ 20.48
Kung Pao Combo $ 20.48
Firecracker Combo $ 20.48

Rice Box

Rice Box

Menu Item Price
Crispy Chicken $ 15.99
Ginger Beef $ 15.99
Mongolian Beef & Broccoli $ 15.99
Butter Chicken $ 15.99
Korean Beef Bulgogi $ 15.99
Thai Red $ 15.99
Jungle Lemongrass $ 15.99

Rice Box Combos

Menu Item Price
Crispy Chicken Combo $ 20.48
Korean Beef Bulgogi Combo $ 20.48
Mongolian Beef & Broccoli Combo $ 20.48
Butter Chicken Combo $ 20.48
Thai Red Combo $ 20.48
Jungle Lemongrass Combo $ 20.48
Ginger Beef Combo $ 20.48


Menu Item Price
Traditional Poutine $ 12.99
Buffalo Chicken Poutine $ 14.99
Tokyo Beef Poutine $ 14.99
Fully Loaded Fries $ 14.99
Butter Chicken Poutine $ 14.99

Poutine Combos

Menu Item Price
Tokyo Beef Poutine Combo $ 19.48
Butter Chicken Poutine Combo $ 19.48
Fully Loaded Fries Combo $ 19.48
Philly Cheesesteak Poutine Combo $ 19.48
Buffalo Chicken Poutine Combo $ 19.48
Traditional Poutine Combo $ 17.48


Menu Item Price
Chicken Wings (20 Pcs) $ 33.49
Chicken Wings (10 Pcs) $ 18.49
Chicken Wings (6 Pcs) $ 13.99
Chicken Wings Party Pack (50 Pcs) $ 71.99

Wings Combos

Menu Item Price
Chicken Wings Combo (10 Pcs) $ 22.98
Chicken Wings Combo (6 Pcs) $ 18.48

Breaded Chicken Wings

Menu Item Price
Breaded Chicken Wings (10 Pcs) $ 13.99
Breaded Chicken Wings (6 Pcs) $ 13.99
Breaded Chicken Wings (20 Pcs) $ 33.49
Breaded Chicken Wings PARTY PAK (50 Pcs) $ 71.99

Breaded Wings Combos

Menu Item Price
Breaded Chicken Wings Combo (10 Pcs) $ 22.98
Breaded Chicken Wings Combo (6 Pcs) $ 71.99

Boneless Wings

Menu Item Price
Boneless Chicken Wings (6 Pcs) $ 13.99
Boneless Chicken Wings (10 Pcs) $ 18.49
Boneless Chicken Wings (20 Pcs) $ 33.49
Boneless Chicken Wings PARTY PAK (50 Pcs) $ 71.99

Boneless Wings Combos

Menu Item Price
Boneless Chicken Wings Combo (6 Pcs) $ 18.48
Boneless Chicken Wings Combo (10 Pcs) $ 22.98

Breaded Chicken Tenders

Menu Item Price
Chicken Tenders (5 Pcs) $ 14.49
Chicken Tenders (10 Pcs) $ 24

Breaded Chicken Tenders Combos

Menu Item Price
Chicken Tenders Combo (10 pcs) $ 28.49
Chicken Tenders Combo (5 pcs) $ 19.98

Soups & Stuff

Menu Item Price
Vietnamese Beef Pho $ 12.99
Wor Wonton Soup $ 12.99
Wonton Soup $ 11.99
Butter Chicken Naan-wich $ 9.99

Soups & Stuff

Soups & Stuff Combos

Menu Item Price
Vietnamese Beef Pho Combo $ 17.48
Wor Wonton Soup Combo $ 17.48
Wonton Soup Combo $ 16.48
Butter Chicken Naan-wich Combo $ 14.48


Menu Item Price
Spring Rolls (5 Pcs) $ 7.99
Potstickers (5 Pcs) $ 7.99
Bang Bang Shrimp (8 Pcs) $ 10.79
Green Onion Cakes (6 Pcs) $ 6.59
Cheesy Kimchi Fire Balls (4 Pcs) $ 7.99
French Fries $ 5.39
Home-Style Onion Rings $ 6.99


Menu Item Price
Rice $ 2.99
Naan Bread (6 pcs) $ 3.39
Kimchi $ 1.49
Bacon (2 Strips) $ 1.49
Ginger Soy Egg $ 1.49

Kids Menu

Kids’ Menu

Menu Item Price
Kids’ Crispy Chicken $ 7.19
Kids’ Jungle Noodles $ 7.19
Kids’ Dragon Chicken $ 7.19


Menu Item Price
Bottled Drink (591 ml) $ 3.49
Gatorade® (591 ml) $ 3.79
Pure Leaf® Iced Tea (547 ml) $ 3.79
Milk2Go (473 ml) $ 3.59
Kids’ Juice Boxes (200 ml) $ 1.49
Bubly® Sparkling Water (473 ml) $ 3.59

Wok Box Allergen Menu Canada

Wok Box’s allergy menu is available online under the “Menu” area of their Canadian website. Choose the item you want & scroll down to discover if it contains any allergies.

Wok Box’s allergen chart on their website lists peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, wheat, eggs, fish & shellfish as major allergens. The potential for contamination from other sources is also detailed in this figure.

Because the potential for cross-contamination varies by location & kitchen methods, customers with food allergies or sensitivities are advised to always verify allergen information with a Wok Box employee prior to making an order.

Wok Box Vegan Menu Canada

Wok Box Canada’s vegan menu includes:

 Noodle Boxes – Customers can choose a vegan protein such as tofu or edamame, vegetables & sauce to make a customized noodle box.

Rice Boxes – similar to the noodle boxes, customers can choose from a selection of vegan proteins & vegetables to create a customizable rice box.

 Starters – Wok Box offers vegan starters such as Vegetable Spring Rolls & Vegetable Samosas.

Sides – Steamed Rice, Wok-Seared Veggies, Edamame.

Sauces – Wok Box offers a variety of vegan sauces, such as Szechuan & Thai Sweet Chili, that can be added to any vegan dish.

Before ordering, double-check with a Wok Box employee to make sure your meal is vegan.

Wok Box Menu With Price Canada Reviews

“Wok Box is fantastic. Always delicious and perfectly prepared. The fact that I can pick my own protein & Vegetables makes their noodle boxes particularly appealing to me.” The Sarah L.

“My new favourite place to eat lunch is Wok Box. The pricing is fair & the servings are plentiful. I like that I can customize my own meal from a variety of healthy selections on the menu.” – Mike T.

“Recently, I had Wok Box for the first time & I was pleasantly surprised by how delicious the cuisine was. I like their variety & robust flavours. I plan on Coming back here again.” Jenna K.

“I’ve loved Wok Box for a long time. Both the service & the quality of the cuisine are consistently high. Having Vegetarian & gluten-free options makes it simple to dine with friends who have special dietary needs.” In honor of David M.

Wok Box Opening Hours

Sunday 12:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Monday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Wok Box Canada Near Me

Wok Box Contact Us

Brandon, MB, 930 D 18th Street Brandon, R7A 5C1,

Phone: 204-571-0099


About Wok Box

Wok Box Menu The name of the product says it all It’s the food that comes from the wok before being transferred to the container! The result is delicious Asian meals that are warm and eaten right from the box, much like in the films.

This Chinese method of cooking fast in a wok certainly has found its place in the American restaurant business as well. The Wok Box franchise is one of the top competitors.

It’s true that the Wok Box group of eateries doesn’t remain inside the box, either. Customers can look forward to new menu items frequently and still enjoy their old favorites.


In the year 2004, Blair Stevens opened the first Wok Box in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. The moment it opened the restaurant was constantly experiencing long lines, which forced the opening of more locations.

There are now over 50 establishments across North America with expansion plans internationally. One restaurant is located in Qatar.

Wok Box Menu Final Words

We’re at the conclusion of this article I hope you’ve learned the price of your most-loved chicken finger dinner from the Wok Box fast-food chain’s menu.

What sets them apart in the food chain industry lies in the high quality of their food you’ll not find anywhere else.

And, as I’ve mentioned previously that the price of the meals is very affordable.

If you are planning to visit any Wok Box restaurant be sure to check the current menu and prices. I’m hoping this article can satisfy your issue.

Wok Box has clearly been a major step towards world-class standards and they don’t appear to be ready to slow to the ground in the coming years.

FAQs About Wok Box Menu Canada

FAQs About Wok Box Menu With Price Canada

What exactly does Wok Box specialize in?

Wok Box serves up noodle boxes, rice bowls, and salads, all with an Asian twist. Several meat and vegetable toppings are offered.

Does Wok Box offer vegetarian or vegan options on their menu?

The Buddha Vegetable Box and the Sweet Thai Veggie Bowl are just two examples of the vegetarian and vegan alternatives available at Wok Box.

Can you tell me if Wok Box offers any gluten-free options?

The Pad Thai Noodle Box at Wok Box, for example, is available with gluten-free noodles.

Does Wok Box ever run sales or specials on their food?

Wok Box occasionally runs specials, such as price reductions or time-sensitive offers, on select items on the menu. Consumers who want more info can look at the website or any of their social media pages.

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