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About Wok Box

Wok Box Menu The name of the product says it all It’s the food that comes from the wok before being transferred to the container! The result is delicious Asian meals that are warm and eaten right from the box, much like in the films. This Chinese method of cooking fast in a wok certainly has found its place in the American restaurant business as well. The Wok Box franchise is one of the top competitors.

It’s true that the Wok Box group of eateries doesn’t remain inside the box, either. The customers can look forward to new menu items frequently and still enjoy their old favorites.


In the year 2004, Blair Stevens opened the first Wok Box in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. The moment it opened the restaurant was constantly experiencing long lines, which forced the opening of more locations. There are now over 50 establishments across North America with expansion plans internationally. One restaurant is located in Qatar.

Wok Box Menu With Price


Noodle Box

Noodle Box

Dan Dan (Extra Spicy) – Lunch $5.99
Dan Dan (Extra Spicy) – Regular $8.99
Dan Dan (Extra Spicy) – Sumo $11.99
Firecracker (Spicy) – Lunch $5.99
Firecracker (Spicy) – Regular $8.99
Firecracker (Spicy) – Sumo $11.99
Kung Pao (Mild) – Lunch $5.99
Kung Pao (Mild) – Regular $8.99
Kung Pao (Mild) – Sumo $11.99
Pad Thai (Spicy) – Lunch $5.99
Pad Thai (Spicy) – Regular $8.99
Pad Thai (Spicy) – Sumo $11.99
Singapore Cashew (Mild) – Lunch $5.99
Singapore Cashew (Mild) – Regular $8.99
Singapore Cashew (Mild) – Sumo $11.99
Sweet Mongolian (Lunch) $5.99
Sweet Mongolian (Regular) $8.99
Sweet Mongolian (Sumo) $11.99
Teriyaki (Lunch) $5.99
Teriyaki (Regular) $8.99
Teriyaki (Sumo) $11.99
Hong Kong Spice (Lunch) $5.99
Hong Kong Spice (Regular) $8.99
Hong Kong Spice (Sumo) $11.99
Lo Mein (Lunch) $5.99
Lo Mein (Regular) $8.99
Lo Mein (Sumo) $11.99
Szechuan Pepper (Lunch) $5.99
Szechuan Pepper (Regular) $8.99
Szechuan Pepper (Sumo) $11.99

Rice Box

Rice Box

Crispy Orange Chicken (Lunch) $5.99
Crispy Orange Chicken (Regular) $8.99
Crispy Orange Chicken (Sumo) $11.99
Mongolian Beef & Broccoli (Lunch) $5.99
Mongolian Beef & Broccoli (Regular) $8.99
Mongolian Beef & Broccoli (Sumo) $11.99
Thai Red (Spicy) – Lunch $5.99
Thai Red (Spicy) – Regular $8.99
Thai Red (Spicy) – Sumo $11.99
Jungle Lemongrass (Spicy) – Lunch $5.99
Jungle Lemongrass (Spicy) – Regular $8.99
Jungle Lemongrass (Spicy) $11.99
Crispy Teriyaki Chicken (Lunch) $5.99
Crispy Teriyaki Chicken (Regular) $8.99
Crispy Teriyaki Chicken (Sumo) $11.99
Crispy Sweet and Sour Chicken (Lunch) $5.99
Crispy Sweet and Sour Chicken (Regular) $8.99
Crispy Sweet and Sour Chicken (Sumo) $11.99
Indian Butter Chicken (Mild) – Lunch $6.99
Indian Butter Chicken (Mild) – Regular $9.99
Indian Butter Chicken (Mild) – Sumo $12.99
Veggie Fried Rice $6.99

Soups & Stuff

Soups & Stuff

Vietnamese Beef Pho Soup $6.99
Orange Mandarin Chicken Salad $7.99
Thai Beef Naan-wich $5.99
Teriyaki Chicken Naan-wich $5.99
Indian Butter Chicken Naan-Wich $5.99


Spring Rolls (5 Pc.) $4.99
Cheesy Kimchi Fire Balls (4 Pc.) $4.99
Samosas (3 Pc.) $4.99
Chicken Gyozas (5 Pc.) $4.99
The Sampler $8.99
Cold Edamame $3.99
Bang Bang Shrimp $6.99


White Jasmine Rice $2.99
Basmati Brown Rice $2.99
Bacon $0.99
Egg $0.99
Kimchi $0.99
Naan Bread $3.45

Kids Menu

Kids Menu

Breaded Crispy Chicken $3.99
Japanese Dragon Chicken $3.99
Jungle Noodles $3.99


Vietnamese Iced Coffee $2.95
Milk $1.79
Dasani Water $2.25
Root Beer $2.25
Sprite $2.25
Orange Fanta $2.25
Coke $2.25
Dr. Pepper $2.25
Diet Dr. Pepper $2.25
Diet Coke $2.25
Coke Zero $2.25

Build Your Own Box

Build Your Own Box (Lunch) $5.99
Build Your Own Box (Regular) $8.99
Build Your Own Box (Sumo) $11.99


Feast for 6 People $48.99
Feast for 8 People $64.99

Wok Box Near Me

Wok Box Social Profile Link

Brandon, MB, 930 D 18th Street Brandon, R7A 5C1, Mon-Sat: 11 am – 10 pm. Sun: 12pm – 9pm. Phone: 204-571-0099

Wok Box FaQ

How much is Wok Box’s Crispy Orange Chicken (Lunch)?

Crispy Orange Chicken (Lunch) – $5.99

How much is a Mongolian Beef & Broccoli (Lunch) Pack at Wok Box?

Mongolian Beef & Broccoli (Lunch) – $5.99

How much are Thai Red (Spicy) – Lunch at Wok Box?

Thai Red (Spicy) – Lunch – $9.80

How much does a Wok Box’s Jungle Lemongrass (Spicy) – Lunch Cost?

Jungle Lemongrass (Spicy) – Lunch – $5.99

Final Words

We’re at the conclusion of this article I hope you’ve learned the price of your most-loved chicken finger dinner from the Wok Box fast-food chain’s menu.

What sets them apart in the food chain industry lies in the high quality of their food you’ll not find anywhere else.

And, as I’ve mentioned previously that the price of the meals is very affordable.

If you are planning to visit any Wok Box restaurant be sure to check the current menu and prices. I’m hoping this article can satisfy your issue.

Wok Box has clearly been a major step towards world-class standards and they don’t appear to be ready to slow to the ground in the coming years.

Disclaimer: PriceListo gathers actual pricing information from sources such as on-site visits, business websites, and phone interviews. The prices reported on this webpage derive from one or more of those sources. Naturally, the prices reported on this website may not be current, and may not apply to all locations of a given business brand. To obtain current pricing, contact the individual business location of interest to you.

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