Wayback Burgers Menu With Price 2022

Wayback Burgers Menu With Price

Wayback Burgers Menu – Wayback was born in Newark, Delaware in 1991, Wayback symbolizes the inner “rebel,” who might not eat vegetables and yet holds the door for their grandma at all times. A little sarcastic towards people who aren’t sure and yet always reminding. 

Wayback Burgers cafe

Wayback is straightforward and honest and reflects our guest’s hard-working, hard-working people who need simple, straightforward things. The experience of visiting here is an absolute delight. 

It’s a place where everyone is able to feel at ease and no one is left out. It’s a place that feels rejuvenated, young and fresh, with an allusion to the way the world was “back in the past” but with an added twist.

Today, with our headquarters in Cheshire, CT, we are determined to create a space where everyone — from our Franchisees to guests to our community and partners be part of the same community.

Wayback Burgers Menu

Wayback Burgers


Picked for you

 Double Bacon Burger $16.99
 Craft Your Own Single $12.99
 Craft Your Own Double $15.49
 Rodeo Burger $15.49
 Kids Cheese Burger $7.49

Limited Time Offers

 The Works Hot Dog $9.49
 Nashville Chicken Sandwich $12.99

Family Meal

 Family Meal $36.99


Totchos (Regular) $6.99
Totchos (Full) $8.99
Irish Nachos (Regular) $6.49
Irish Nachos (Full) $8.49
Chili Cheese Fries (Regular) $6.49
Chili Cheese Fries (Full) $8.49
Wings $14.99
Bacon Cheese Fries (Full) $8.49
Bacon Cheese Fries (Regular) $6.49
Dry Ribs $14.99
Mac and Cheese Bites $6.49

Signature Burgers

Classic $15.49
Rodeo Burger (Signature Burgers) $15.49
Cheeeesy Burger $15.49
Double Bacon Burger (Signature Burgers) $16.99
Craft Your Own Single (Signature Burgers) $12.99
Craft Your Own Double (Signature Burgers) $15.49
The Nine Patty Burger $31.99
Craft Your Own Impossible Burger $16.99
Carolina Burger $15.49

Sandwiches & Chicken

Chicken Tenders (4pc) $15.49
Buffalo Chicken $14.99
Craft Your Own Crispy Chicken $14.99
 Craft Your Own Grilled Chicken $14.99
 Chicken BLT $15.99
 Buffalo Chicken Tenders $15.49
 Hot Dog $11.49
 Cheesesteak $16.49
 Pulled Pork Slammers $13.99
 WB Haddock $14.99
 Craft Your Own Veggie Burger $14.99


Caesar Salad $7.49
Garden Salad $7.49


Kids Tenders (2pc) $7.49
Kids Grilled Cheese $7.49
Kids Hot Dog $7.49
Kids Cheese Burger (Kiddos) $7.49


French Fries (Regular) $4.29
French Fries (Full) $5.29
House-Made Chips $4.29
Tater Tots (Regular) $4.29
Tater Tots (Full) $5.29
Poutine (Regular) $6.49
Poutine (Full) $8.49
Onion Rings $5.79
O’Fries $5.79


Black and White Shake $6.49
Cafe Mocha Shake $6.49
Cookies ‘N Cream Shake $6.49
Oreo Mud Pie Shake $6.49
Oreo Mint Shake $6.49
Chocolate Banana Shake $6.49
Strawberry Banana Shake $6.49
 Vanilla Shake $6.49
Chocolate Shake $6.49
Strawberry Shake $6.49
Coffee Shake $6.49
 Peach Shake – LTO $6.49


 Wayback Strawberry Banana Parfait $6.49


Coke (Regular) $2.89
Coke (Large) $3.19
Diet Coke (Regular) $2.89
Diet Coke (Large) $3.19
Iced Tea (Regular) $2.89
Iced Tea (Large) $3.19
Root Beer (Regular) $2.89
Root Beer (Large) $3.19
Fanta (Regular) $2.89
Fanta (Large) $3.19
Sprite (Regular) $2.89
Sprite (Large) $3.19
Gingerale (Large) $3.19
Gingerale (Regular) $2.89
 Coffee $2.99
 Tea $2.99
Hot Chocolate $3.19


One Wayback Burgers location was opened in 1991 in Delaware under the name Jake’s Hamburgers. A few more locations were added which led to the introduction of franchising in the late 2000s, when the name change into Jake’s Wayback Burgers in 2010. 

Since then, the chain has grown up to 95 outlets, and another 75 locations currently under development. They’re spread across in the United States, ranging from New England, New York, Florida, Texas, Ohio and California. Wayback is comparable to other brands that are ‘better’ burgers like Five Guys, Shake Shack and Fuddruckers.


We’re very grateful to adhere to health and safety guidelines for the protection of our customers. We dined in and ordered large bacon cheese fries, onion rings, bacon hamburgers, bacon rings and milkshakes that were delicious. Great customer service. She returned after serving food to check that everything was in order! A little expensive but it’s worth a visit there.

This was the freshest chicken burger that I’ve have ever eaten in my life. It was delish. So I ordered a Grilled Buffalo chicken burger and a fries as a side and a drinks. The size of the burger is a bit tiny, but you can compare the its taste to it. It was good. But, fries were an enormous portion, and it was balanced. Overall 5 stars. I would recommend it to every sing-burger establishment like A&W, Wendys and others.

Wayback Burgers Contact Information

Below is the Wayback Burgers contact information in case you want to contact the restaurant or visit there

Wayback Burgers Address 716 S Main St, Cheshire, CT 06410, United States
Wayback Burgers Phone Number +12036493406
Wayback Burgers Contact Form Fill Here

Wayback Burgers Social Profile Link 🔗

Facebook: facebook.com/Wayback Burgers

Twitter: twitter.com/Wayback Burgers

Instagram: instagram.com/Wayback Burgers

Wayback Burgers Near Me

Wayback Burgers FAQ

Is Wayback Burgers real meat?

They deliver to stores cut as well as battered and frozen. Similar to the beef used for the burgers served at Jake’s Wayback Burgers comes in prepared patties. ” We do fresh beef, and until 18 months ago, we patted our own. However, now, we’ve got it made into balls of our specific mass,” Eucalitto says.

What are Wayback Burgers made of?

Two beef patties cooked-to-order, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions, and of course, ketchup and mustard.

Why is it called Wayback Burgers?

Wayback Burgers, previously known as Jake’s Wayback Burgers, is an American fast casual restaurant chain that is based within Cheshire, Connecticut.

Final Words ✅

We’re at the conclusion of this article I hope you’ve learned the price of your most-loved breakfast from Wayback Burgers fast-food chain’s menu.

What sets them apart in the food chain industry lies in the high quality of their food you’ll not find anywhere else.

And, as I’ve mentioned previously that the price of the meals is very affordable.

If you are planning to visit any Wayback Burgers cafe be sure to check the current menu and prices. I’m hoping this article can satisfy your issue.

Wayback Burgers has clearly been a major step towards world-class standards and they don’t appear to be ready to slow to the ground in the coming years.

Disclaimer: PriceListo gathers actual prices from various sources like visits to the site as well as business websites and telephone interviews. Prices on this page are derived from one or more of these sources. The prices mentioned on this site may not be accurate and might not be applicable to all locations under the same business brand. For current prices call the business location that interests you.

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