Walmart Catering Menu Canada 2023

Walmart Catering Menu Canada

Walmart is the world’s biggest retailer and has been around for more than 50 years. Over the years, Walmart has grown from just one store in the retail sector to over 11,000 stores in 28 countries, and two million employees. So, it’s not a surprise that Walmart’s catering menu 2022 will be served in any of these locations.

The first step to choosing the right Walmart food menu for 2022 will be to figure out how many guests will be dining. For example, a gathering with more than 50 guests will require a different menu as opposed to a gathering with just 10-20 people.

walmart catering menu canada 2022

Walmart Catering Message Cookie Prices

Walmart Catering Message Cookie Prices
12-inch Message Cookie $8.48

Walmart Catering Kids Party Trays

Kids are fond of cheese sticks and corn dogs If you’re looking for a fun meal to cook while at home, with your young children this summer, try these kid-friendly favorites menus. You’ll be able to enjoy these snacks at any time!

Walmart Catering Kids Party Trays Serves Prices
16-inch Medium serves 8-12 $24.00

Most Popular Walmart Catering Menu Items

Walmart is most famous for its sandwich selection. When we examine the costs for Walmart’s catering menu Walmart’s food menu, as well as the cost of sandwiches from Walmart sandwiches, are very affordable in comparison to catering companies on different platforms.

Walmart Catering Sliders Tray Prices

Walmart Catering Menu Sliders Tray Prices
A variety of meats and cheeses is served up on fresh Hawaiian rolls.
12 inch Small serves 6-8 $14.00
16-inch Medium serves 12-16 $26.00
18 inch Large serves 15-20 $34.00

Walmart Catering Fresh Sandwich

Walmart Catering Fresh Sandwich Tray Prices
16-inch Medium serves 16-20 $32.00
18-inch Large serves 20-24 $42.00

Walmart Pinwheel Tray Prices

Walmart Catering Menu Pinwheel Tray  Prices
Small 24 pinwheels $14.00
Medium 48 pinwheels $24.00
Includes roast beef, turkey, and Black Forest ham with Muenster, cheddar, and Swiss cheeses. Served with a center cup of olives and garnished with cherry tomatoes.
12-inch Small serves 8-12 $24.00
16-inch Medium serves 15-20 $42.00
18-inch Large serves 20-25 $48.00

Walmart Swiss Cheese Tray Prices

Walmart Catering Menu Swiss Cheese Tray Prices
16-inch Medium serves 15-18 $34.00
18-inch Large serves 20-25 $48.00

Walmart Catering Meat Trays Prices

Walmart Catering Meat Trays Serves Prices
16-inch Medium serves 15-18 $34.00
18-inch Large serves 20-25 $48.00


How To place an order on Walmart?

There isn’t an online platform for Walmart customers to make an order for any catering service. People who want to place an order are typically advised to contact a Walmart branch.

The branch will then inform customers that they can get the item they are looking to purchase, as well as the cost of the item. The buyer is required to fill out the order form as well as the info sheet.

These forms contain information regarding the item that the buyer wants to purchase, the amount of the item, as well as the ID number valid for the item. The form is then sent to Walmart’s preferred location.

Customers are required to make their purchase the day before when they will require the item. As with other retailers, Walmart caterers are given ample time to prepare items and then deliver their products to customers on time.

Does Walmart do Catering?

The most popular products offered by caterers in Walmart are the Walmart party platter, which includes chicken wings, sandwiches, and ground beef.

Apart from the platter, guests can also order customized food items based on their preferences and the kind of event being held. That’s the reason people can avail a wide variety of food items to pick from.


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