Popeyes Chicken Menu and Prices 2023

 Popeyes Chicken Menu and Prices

The Popeyes Chicken Menu and Prices have gained widespread attention from foodies across.

Popeyes serves spicy fried chicken & chicken sandwiches for everyone.

The Popeyes Chicken Menu & Prices will give you an idea of what to expect when you visit one of their restaurants.

Popeyes Chicken Menu and Prices

Popeyes Chicken Menu

In addition to its famous spicy fried chicken, chicken tenders, sandwiches, and wings, Popeyes Chicken is also recognized for their mashed potatoes, Cajun fries & coleslaw.

They provide combo meals that contain an entree, a side & a drink & they’re reasonably priced.

Popeyes Chicken Menu is well worth trying for its savoury & succulent chicken and wonderful sides.

Chicken Combos and Platters

Menu Item Price
Bonafide Chicken Combo (2 Piece) $ 12.99
Nuggets-8 $ 7.49
Bonafide Chicken Combo (3 Piece) $ 14.79
Nuggets-12 $ 10.29
Bonafide Chicken Combo (4 Piece) $ 16.29
Nuggets-24 $ 18.99
Tender Combo (3 Pieces) $ 12.99
Bonafide Chicken Platter (2 Pieces) $ 14.79
Tender Combo (5 Pieces) $ 16.29
Tenders Only (3 Piece) $ 7.99
Tenders Only (5 Piece) $ 12.49
Bonafide Chicken Platter (3 Pieces) $ 16.49
Bonafide Chicken Platter (4 Pieces) $ 17.99
Tender Platter (3 Pieces) $ 14.79
Tender Platter (5 Pieces) $ 17.99


Menu Item Price
Ghost Pepper Wings Combo $ 13.49
Ghost Pepper Wings Platter $ 14.99
Ghost Pepper Wings (5 pieces) $ 10.49

Seafood Combos and Platters

Menu Item Price
Popcorn Shrimp (1/4 lb) $ 7.49
Butterfly Shrimp Combo $ 11.99
1/4 Pound Popcorn Shrimp Combo $ 10.99
Butterfly Shrimp Platter $ 13.79
1/4 Pound Popcorn Shrimp Platter $ 12.79
Butterfly Shrimp (8pcs) $ 8.29
Cajun Fish Combo $ 11.99
Fish & Shrimp Combo $ 12.99
Fish & Shrimp Platter $ 14.79
Cajun Fish Platter $ 13.79

Sandwich Combos and Platters

Menu Item Price
Chicken Sandwich $ 7.99
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich $ 8.39
Spicy Chicken Sandwich $ 7.99
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich Combo $ 12.39
Chicken Sandwich Combo $ 12.49
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich Platter $ 14.49
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Combo $ 12.49
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe $ 8.99
Chicken Sandwich Platter $ 14.49
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Platter $ 14.49
Chicken Sandwich Deluxe $ 8.99
Chicken Sandwich Deluxe Combo $ 13.49
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe Combo $ 13.49
Chicken Sandwich Deluxe Platter $ 15.49
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe Platter $ 15.49

Chicken Family Box

Menu Item Price
Bonafide Chicken (8 Pieces) $ 26.49
Bonafide Chicken (12 Pieces) $ 34.49
Bonafide Chicken (16 Pieces) $ 43.49
Tenders (8 Pieces) $ 26.49
Tenders (20 Pieces) $ 52.99
Tenders (12 Pieces) $ 34.49
Tenders (16 Pieces) $ 43.49
Bonafide Chicken (20 Pieces) $ 52.99
Bonafide Chicken (24 Pieces) $ 61.99
Tenders (24 Pieces) $ 61.99

Chicken Family Meals

Menu Item Price
Bonafide Chicken Family Meal (8 pieces) $ 34.49
Bonafide Chicken Family Meal (12 pieces) $ 48.29
Bonafide Chicken Family Meal (16 pieces) $ 60.99
Tender Family Meal (8 pieces) $ 34.49
Tender Family Meal (20 pieces) $ 67.79
Tender Family Meal (12 pieces) $ 48.29
Tender Family Meal (16 pieces) $ 60.99
Bonafide Chicken Family Meal (20 pieces) $ 67.79

Signature Sides

Menu Item Price
Cajun Fries (Regular) $ 3.29
Red Bean and Rice (Large) $ 7.29
Cajun Fries (Large) $ 7.29
Biscuit $ 1.29
Mashed Potatoes (Regular) $ 3.29
6 Biscuits $ 5.79
Mashed Potatoes (Large) $ 7.29
Coleslaw (Regular) $ 3.29
12 Biscuits $ 9.79
Cajun Gravy (Regular) $ 2.29
Cajun Gravy (Large) $ 5.49
Coleslaw (Large) $ 7.29
Macaroni and Cheese (Regular) $ 3.29
Macaroni and Cheese (Large) $ 7.29
Red Bean and Rice (Regular) $ 3.29

Signature Sauces

Menu Item Price
Buttermilk Ranch $ 0.5
Bayou Buffalo $ 0.5
BBQ $ 0.5
Blackened Ranch $ 0.5
Cajun Cocktail $ 0.5
Sweet Heat $ 0.5
Tartar $ 0.5


Menu Item Price
Apple Pie $ 1.99
Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie $ 1.99


Menu Item Price
Bottled Fanta $ 2.99
Bottled Diet Coke $ 2.99
Bottled Sprite $ 2.99
Bottled Ginger Ale $ 2.99
Bottled Ice Tea $ 2.99
Bottle Ginger Ale (2L) $ 3.99
Bottle Fanta (2L) $ 3.99
Bottle Dasani Water $ 2.79

Popeyes Chicken Menu Nutrition Facts

Menu Item Calories Total Fat (g) Carbohydrates (g)
75g Spicy Fried Chicken (1 piece) 210 13 9
246g Chicken Sandwich 700 42 54
92g Chicken Tenders (3 pieces) 260 14 15
109g Cajun Fries (Regular) 360 17 46
157g Mashed Potatoes with Gravy (Regular) 210 8 28
90g Coleslaw (Regular) 160 12 10
62g Biscuit 230 12 27
80g Apple Pie 260 13 34

Popeyes Chicken in Allergen Menu

Popeyes’ allergy menu lists significant food allergies.

  • Milk and Milk Products
  • Eggs and Egg Products
  • Wheat and Wheat Products
  • Soy and Soy Products
  • Fish and Fish Products
  • Shellfish and Shellfish Products
  • Peanuts and Peanut Products
  • Tree Nuts and Tree Nut Products

The allergen menu contains allergen-containing goods & items that may be cooked in the same oil or on the same equipment. Before ordering, food allergy & intolerance sufferers should check the allergen menu.

Popeyes avoids cross-contamination, but they cannot guarantee allergen-free menu items. Severe food allergy sufferers should warn restaurant workers & take care to avoid allergic reactions.

Popeyes Chicken Menu Reviews

Customers have a lot to say about the Popeyes Chicken Menu and Pricing. The chicken, the sides & especially the desserts have received raving reviews from patrons. Consumers also like that they can have a complete dinner for a decent price when they order one of the combo meals.

Nonetheless, some customers have complained about wait times & unpleasant staff at certain locations.
Customers have complained about the dish being too greasy or small for the price.

Popeyes Chicken Menu and Pricing often receive high marks from customers, who keep coming back for the delicious chicken & sides.

It is advised that you read Reviews of the specific restaurant you intend to visit because like with any other establishment, your experience may vary based on where it is located & other factors.


Popeyes bucket of Chicken price

Popeyes’ chicken bucket prices are size- and restaurant-specific.

A small bucket at most places has 8 pieces of chicken and costs around $20, while a big bucket may contain up to 16 pieces of chicken and cost around $35.

There could be a Price difference if you want a combination of dark & white meat rather than just one or the other.

If you want to know what the current prices and selection are at your neighborhood Popeyes, you should definitely call ahead.

Popeyes coupons

Popeyes occasionally gives coupons for combo meals and menu items. The Popeyes website, social media, email newsletters, and local advertising may provide these coupons.

Popeyes coupons can be found on their website on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to their Email newsletter to receive exclusive deals & promotions. Certain third-party coupon websites may offer Popeyes coupons and promo codes, but check their validity before using them.

Before utilizing coupons, check the terms and conditions. They may contain restrictions or expiration dates. Check with your local Popeyes to See if they Accept Coupons or have any special offers.

Popeyes deals

Popeyes offers many menu bargains and promotions to assist customers to save money while eating their favorites. Popular Popeyes discounts include:

Family Meals: These inexpensive group lunches usually feature chicken, sides, and biscuits.

Daily Specials: Popeyes offers specials on certain menu items on different days. Several places offer Tuesday chicken tenders or Thursday bone-in chicken discounts.

Online Offers: Popeyes’ website and app offer exclusive deals and savings.

Limited-Time Offers: Popeyes periodically offers limited-time promos or new menu items.

Popeyes offers bargains and promotions on its website, social media, and email newsletter. Certain third-party coupon websites may offer Popeyes coupons and promo codes, but check their legitimacy before using them.

Popeyes Chicken Menu Conclusion

In conclusion, Popeyes Chicken serves great Southern-style fried chicken & sides. Chicken, seafood, sandwiches, wraps, plus sides including mashed potatoes, coleslaw & biscuits are available.

Combo meals cost $6–10, depending on location and menu items. Popeyes offers specials & catering. Popeyes offers a menu with main food allergens for customers with food allergies.

Check the official website https://www.popeyeschicken.ca/  for more details.

Popeye’s Location

Popeyes Contact Us

Popeyes Corporate Address and Head Office

250 Williams St NW

Atlanta, GA 30303 USA

Popeye’s Phone Numbers

Corporate Phone Number: 1-813-718-3267

FAQs About Popeyes Chicken Menu

FAQs About Popeyes Chicken Menu

Can you tell me about the chicken options at Popeyes?

Chicken lovers can choose from bone-in pieces, tenders, or nuggets at Popeyes. They provide a variety of seasonings, both hot and mild.

Is Popeyes open to special requests for my order?

Popeyes allows diners to tailor their meals by requesting special preparations and substitutions.

Is there anything on Popeyes’ menu that doesn’t include gluten?

Popeyes doesn’t serve gluten-free food, although they identify common allergens.

Does Popeyes do catering?

Catering services are available from Popeyes for your special occasions. Catering options include chicken, sides, and biscuits for customers to select from.

Where can I look up the prices of the food at the Popeyes near me?

The menu prices at your local Popeyes restaurant may be found by visiting their website and using the restaurant locator.

Does Popeyes have any discounts or specials?

There are many discounts and special offers available at Popeyes, including family meals and daily specials. In addition to regular sales, the website frequently features flash sales and limited-time specials.

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