Pizza Hut Canada Menu 2023

Pizza Hut Menu and Prices in Canada

Pizza Hut has menu items in Large pizzas, Medium pizzas, Small pizzas, Personal pizzas, Xl Panormos pizzas, P’zone, Pasta, Sides, Dips, Desserts, Desserts, and Drinks in Canada.

You’re a fan of your favorite Pizza Hut favorites, but have you had the chance to try their secret menu? Here are the most recent prices for the menu and how to uncover the most secretive secrets of Pizza Hut in Canada!

Here are the most up-to-date Pizza Hut menu prices in Canada:

pizza hut canada menu 2022

Pizza Hut FAQ

  • Which is Pizza Hut Canada phone number?

    Pizza Hut restaurant phone number will vary from store outlet, so you can dial their customer support number or headquarters number to get assistance or inquiries. Pizza Hut Customer Support number is 1800 202 2022.

  • What is hours of operation at Pizza Hut opening hours?

    Pizza Hut usually opens late in the morning, and closes at midnight in all Pizza Hut restaurants.

    • Monday-Saturday 11.00am – 10.00pm
    • Sunday 11.00am until 11.00pm
  • What is prices on the Pizza Hut menu prices near me?

    Pizza Hut has menu item costs ranging from $3.49 between $3.49 and $23.99. The menu items are priced from the to the lowest priced items 6 Personal Create Your Own up to the top-priced item the XL Panormous(r) Canadian.The cost range of the menus of Pizza Hut at the store generally differs between:

    • $3.49 – $23.99

What should I order from the secret Menu?

When ordering from the menu that is secret Don’t be shocked if employees don’t recognize your food item. The staff are usually instructed to only accept orders that are on their menu. Therefore, they might require some convincing. Make sure to be polite and inform them that you believe this is a possibility.

It is recommended to insist on treating it as a custom request and contact the chef or manager to approve the request if needed.

Can I Use Promotions with Secret Menu Items?

Since your menu item will likely be treated as a special order, you won’t typically be able to utilize coupon codes or other promotions in order to lower it. 

But, it will differ between discount and discount. Certain discounts will take the total value of your order into consideration, for example, discount offers will be feasible.

Where can I get Canadian Special Menu items anywhere and everywhere else?

Although some of the items on the menu such as those with coconut shrimp are sold all over the globe, some aren’t. For instance, if would like to purchase poutine pizza, however, you’ll only be allowed to order it at the Pizza Hut within Canada.

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