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McDonald’s Menu and Prices in Canada

McDonald’s offers a variety of menu items, including Most Popular, Breakfast Sandwiches & Burritos as well as Hotcakes and Cold Drinks.

McDonald’s fries and burgers are their most well-known products. You can find the most recent McDonald’s Canada menu prices and other McDonald’s Canada menu items here.

Here are the most recent McDonald’s prices in Canada

McDonald's Menu and Prices in Canada 2022

Explore the McDonald’s Canada Menu for Seasonal Items and More

Seasonal items make up some of the most popular items on McDonald’s Canada Menu. You’ll want them to be on your radar.

We’ve seen McLobster in various places, which is a U.S. invention. It is now limited to New England and Canada in the summer months. McLobster is a combination of fresh lobster meat, green onions, celery, and lemony mayo-style sauce. It’s served on a bed lettuce wrapped in a hotdog bun.

We saw the short rise of Maple & Bacon Poutine last summer. It took the traditional recipe and added maple bacon. Although it was a temporary offer, we hope to see this delicious dish on the McDonald’s Canada Menu.

McDonald’s Canada loves to delight its Canadian customers by introducing seasonal or regional items that reflect their culinary creations. They never know what they will release next!

McDonald’s FAQ 

What are the McDonald’s opening hours?

McDonald’s is usually open late in the morning and closes at night in most McDonald’s locations.

  • Monday-Saturday 12.00am – 12.00am
  • Sunday, 12.00am-12.00am

What are the McDonald’s menu prices near me?

McDonald’s offers menu items priced between $1.09 to $7.89. The menu items include the lowest-priced item Brownie Cookie and the most expensive item Hotcakes Bacon Extra Value Meal. The prices for the McDonald’s menu at the store vary between:

  • $1.09 – $7.89
What is McDonald’s Canada Website Link?

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