Little Venetian Menu Prices 2023

Little Venetian Menu Prices

Inspired by the Italian countryside, Little Venetian is a comfortable family-owned restaurant that specializes in traditional American and Italian food items. The menu offers a tempting menu of options and is heavily influenced by Venetian recipes. 

Highlights on the menu include Italian chicken, Italian sausages, and Venetian Flat Iron Steak. It also offers traditional noodles, salads pizzas baked in the oven, burgers, along hot sandwiches. Little Venetian is a nice place to enjoy a casual dinner with friends or on your own. 

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The restaurant’s particular “young-at-heart” menu is the kids with a menu that is suitable for those less than 12 years old, with the most popular options like meatballs and spaghetti, as well as Chicken tenders with fries. 

Wine, cocktails, and beer (by glass or bottle) are the final adult beverages available. Little Venetian also offers catering services that can be customized to suit weddings, birthdays, and much more.



 Specialty Soups $4.50
 Chili $4.75


 Antipasto Salad $8.50
 Caesar Salad $8.50

Bread, Etc

 Garlic Cheese Bread $7.25
Garlic Toast $4.95
 Bread Basket $1.75
 Fried Ravioli $7.95

Little Venetian Favorites

Served with spaghetti and bread.
 Chicken Parmigiano $12.95
 1/2 Fried Chicken $12.95
 Barbequed Ribs $13.95
 Filet of Haddock $13.50
 Italian Sausage $13.95
 Venetian Flat Iron Steak $15.95
Quarter Fried Chicken $11.50

Classic Pasta

Includes 1 meatball or sausage per each half order and bread.
 Spaghetti (Half) $9.95
Spaghetti (Full) $10.95
 Penne (Half) $9.95
Penne (Full) $10.95
 Baked Penne (Half) $11.95
Baked Penne (Full) $13.20

More Pasta

Served with bread.
 Ravioli $9.00
Fettuccine Alfredo $18.94
 Fettuccine Pollo $12.95
Meat Lasagna $10.50
 Bowl of Meatballs $9.50
 Half & Half Option $15.95
 Gluten Free Pasta $10.50


 Cheese Pizza 9″ $9.95
Cheese Pizza 14″ $12.95
 Barbeque Pizza 9″ $12.50
Barbeque Pizza 14″ $16.00
 Alfredo Pizza 9″ $12.50
Alfredo Pizza 14″ $16.00

Hot Sandwiches

Includes a side of spaghetti.
 Meatball Hoagie $9.95
 Italian Sausage Hoagie $9.95
 Hot Dago $9.95
 Sloppy Hot Dago $10.95

Burgers and Cold Sandwiches

Include lettuce, tomato, onions, and a side of pasta salad.
 Sicilian Hoagie $10.95
 Turkey Hoagie $10.95
 Half-pound Burger $11.95

Young & Young at Heart

Under 12 and over 55 – includes bread.
Spaghetti with Meatball $4.95
Penne with Meatball $4.95
Meat Lasagna (Young & Young at Heart) $6.95
Fettuccine Alfredo (Young & Young at Heart) $5.95
Buttered Noodles $4.50
Chicken Tenders and Fries $5.95

Family Feast

 Little Venetian’s Famous Fried Chicken $22.95
Whipped Potatoes and Butter $5.00
Coleslaw $5.00
Corn $3.00

Family Packs to Go

 Spaghetti $38.95
Penne $38.95
 Chicken Parmigiano (Family Packs to Go) $48.95


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