Little Caesars Menu With Prices Canada 2022

Little Caesars Menu With Prices Canada

If there’s a place where you can find high-quality pizzas for a reasonable price and you’re thinking of Little Caesars. The pizza chain has built its mark through many years of producing and serving pizzas, as well as other food items at very affordable costs.

In contrast to other fast-food chains that offer meals at apprehensively expensive costs, Little Caesars ensures its customers can afford the food it offers on its menu.

The such as McDonald’s, Domino’s, Pizza Pizza and a host of other Pizza manufacturing companies don’t offer pizzas priced below $5. However, the opposite is true for Little Caesars. There is a small Pepperoni priced at under $5, as well as several other options for meals.

little caesars menu with prices canada


Bundled Specials

#1 – 2 Medium Pizzas $21.49
 #2 – 2 Medium Pizzas, Wings, and Crazy Bread $32.03
 #6 – DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pepperoni Pizza & Wings $19.60
 #3 – 2 Medium Pizzas, Crazy Bread $24.75
 #7 – 2 Large Pizzas $28.74
 #9 – 2 Large Pizzas, Crazy Bread $33.49
 #4 – 3 Medium Pizzas $31.41
 #5 – DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza & Medium Pizza $21.65
 #10 – 3 Large Pizzas $40.82
 #11 – DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pizza & Large Pizza $25.24


12″ Classic Pepperoni Combo $12.08
12″ Create Your Own Pizza $8.59

Create Your Own Pizza

14″ Create Your Own Pizza $12.66 1 
DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish Create Your Own Pizza $14.14

Lunch Combo

 Lunch Combo $6.35

Limited Time Offer

12″ Bacon Cruncher/12” La croustillante au bacon $10.51

Large Bundled Specials

#5 – DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pepperoni Pizza & Medium Pizza $21.65
 #8 – 2 Large Pizzas, Wings, Crazy Bread $40.99
#11 – DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pepperoni Pizza & Large Pizza $29.99

Medium Pizzas

12″ 3 Meat Treat® Pizza $11.74
 12″ Ultimate Supreme Pizza $12.95
 12″ Veggie Pizza $12.89
 12″ Canadian Pizza $11.82
 12″ Hula Hawaiian® Pizza $12.16
 12″ BBQ Chicken Pizza $12.81


 Ultimate Supreme $14.29
 3 Meat Treat $13.55
 Canadian $13.70
 Hula Hawaiian $12.68
 Veggie $13.99
 Classic Pepperoni $8.18
 Classic Cheese $8.03
 Sweet-N-Spicy BBQ $15.42
 BBQ Meat Overload $15.57
 Mediterranean Chicken $16.01
 Founder’s Favourite $16.28

Large Pizzas

 14″ Classic Cheese Pizza $12.46
 14″ 3 Meat Treat® Pizza $16.79
 14″ Canadian Pizza $16.86
 14″ Hula Hawaiian® Pizza $17.06
 14″ Ultimate Supreme Pizza $17.79
 14″ Veggie Pizza $17.79
 14″ BBQ Chicken Pizza $17.70
 14″ Classic Pepperoni Pizza $12.56

DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish Pizzas

DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish Pepperoni Pizza $13.66
 DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish Ultimate Supreme Pizza $18.49
 DEEP!DEEP!™ Dish Hula Hawaiian® Pizza $17.55


DEEP!DEEP! Dish Canadian Pizza $18.12
 DEEP!DEEP! Dish Ultimate Supreme $20.90
 DEEP!DEEP! Dish 3 Meat Treat $19.73
 DEEP!DEEP! Dish Hula Hawaiian $19.88
 DEEP!DEEP! DISH Veggie $20.90
 DEEP!DEEP! Dish Pepperoni $14.58
 DEEP!DEEP! DISH Cheese $14.14


Thin Crust Ultimate Supreme $16.77
 Thin Crust 3 Meat Treat $16.04
 Thin Crust Canadian $16.04
 Thin Crust Hula Hawaiian $16.04
 Thin Crust Veggie $16.63
 Thin Crust Pepperoni $11.00
 Thin Crust Cheese $11.00


 Ranch Caesar Dip $1.17
 Crazy Sauce $1.32
 Spicy Cheddar Caesar Dip $1.35
 Creamy Garlic Caesar Dip $1.17
 BBQ Ranch Caesar Dip $1.17


 Crazy Combo® $5.14
 Crazy Bread $4.48
 Crazy Bread and Crazy Sauce $5.34
 Stuffed Crazy Bread $6.06
 Italian Cheese Bread $6.82
 Oven Roasted Caesar Wings $8.67
 Honey Garlic Caesar Wings $8.67
 BBQ Caesar Wings $8.61
 Buffalo Caesar Wings™ $8.47
 Spicy Cheese Caesar Dip® $1.13
 Cinnamon Bites $4.54


Pepsi 2 Litre $3.97
Diet Pepsi 2 Litre $3.97
MUG Root Beer 2 Litre $3.97
Brisk Ice Tea 2 Litre $3.97
7-UP 2 Litre $3.88
 Pepsi 591 ml $2.96
Diet Pepsi 591 ml $2.92
7-UP 591 ml $2.96
MUG Root Beer 591 ml $2.96
Brisk Ice Tea 591 ml $2.95
AQUAFINA 591 ml $2.96
 Pepsi 355 ml $1.83
Diet Pepsi 355 ml $1.83
Pepsi Bubly Lime 591ml $2.79
Brisk Ice Tea 355 ml $1.83
Pepsi Bubly Blackberry 591ml $2.79


Do little Caesars have Salad?

Absolutely, yes! Little Caesars sells salads that are not comparable. Their Taco Salad Grades Mix Salad is what you would always discuss in the kitchen discussions, and it makes you salivate and long for Little Caesars.

Little Caesars’ salads are also economical, so you do not have to break the bank to get one. Instead, visit the Little Caesars website to find various salads you would want to try; you can make an order online will get it delivered to your door in no time.

And yes, Little Caesar’s salads are not already made. Instead, they prepare your order immediately, so you do not have to worry about eating a salad prepared a long time before your order.

Types of Pizza Available At The Fast-Food Chain

The fast-food chain makes customized pizzas, Hot-N-Ready Pizzas, and Specialty Pizzas, including Pepperoni, cheese, sausage, veggie, Thin Crust pizzas, Bacon Wrapped pizzas and Hula Hawaiian pizzas, and many more.

These pizzas are being sold at meagre prices. Bacon-Wrapped Crust Pizza is the Pizza that costs more on the Little Caesars’ menu price list, which costs about $13; it’s a large pizza.

Why is Little Caesars so cheap?

When looking at the prices of the menu list, they have many questions running through your mind. Of course, other fast foods or Pizza chains produce and sell their Pizza at higher prices, and how come the Pizza in this chain is of a lesser price?

The chain had made us understand that the company uses excellent ingredients from a local company and does not need essential ingredients; this makes their prices lesser. Discovery reveals that it costs Little Caesars less than a dollar to prepare a pizza, and if they sell a pizza for $5, they are still making a profit from the amount the chain sells.

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