Holland America Main Dining Room Menu Canada 2023

Holland America Main Dining Room Menu Canada

For a luxurious breakfast, a leisurely lunch, or an amazing multi-course meal The Dining Room is your ideal spot. Behind the scenes the culinary Council,(r) one of the most elite groups comprised of seven chefs with world-class reputations, and our highly skilled executive chefs have been working to create each dish to perfection. 

Dinner is a feast of classics like Boneless Lamb Loin in Croute, Rosemary Roasted Chicken, and more, along with dishes that are inspired by the region and artistically cooked vegetarian meals. Enhance your experience by sampling a wide selection of wines that have been carefully chosen by the Wine Curator famous expert on wine James Suckling.

Fine Dining

From exotic flavors of Asia to the classics of French cuisine, a world of gustatory pleasure awaits you.

The Dining Room

For a luxurious breakfast, relaxed lunch or the most memorable dinner with a multi-course menu The Dining Room is the place to be. Behind the scene our Chefs’ Council,(r) the elite group comprising seven world-renowned chefs, and our highly skilled executive chefs have worked hard to create each dish to perfection. 

For dinner, select from classics like Boneless lamb Loin with Croute, Rosemary Roasted Chicken, and more, along with regionally inspired cuisines and expertly cooked vegetarian meals. Enhance your experience with a variety of wines carefully chosen by the Wine Curator famous expert on wine James Suckling.


Dive-In serves a wide range of delicious casual cuisines using only the best quality ingredients. Grill a delicious burger to perfection, served on a toasty Brioche, with our trademarked secret sauce. 

Savor a succulent Nathan’s Famous gourmet hot dog and crispy golden French fries. You can also choose a grill chicken breast sandwich or a delicious Portabella mushrooms stack. Dive-In is the ideal spot for a relaxing meal by the pool. most delicious burgers on the sea.

New York Pizza

In New York Pizza, choose from a wide selection of delicious thin-crust pizzas that measure 9 inches. Named after New York’s famed five boroughs, our pizzas are custom-made and are topped with the best ingredients.

Culinary Council member Ethan Stowell has added his signature Pizza recipes on the menu. Enjoy your pizza throughout the morning while looking out over the Lido pool, and then into the evening.

This restaurant has New York Deli & Pizza located in KoningsdamRotterdam, and Nieuw Statendam which serves freshly-made sandwiches and deli items as well as pizza.

Culinary Council

Culinary Council

With the combined experience with the passion and ingenuity of seven top celebrity chefs, Holland America Line Culinary Council(r) has international influence and knowledge to our dining establishments throughout our fleet. Onboard our vessels, every one of our executive chefs is an active member of the highly regarded Confrerie de la Chaine des Rotisseurs International food and wine society.

Manhattan Restaurant

Manhattan Restaurant

Manhattan Restaurant Manhattan Restaurant is the main dining room at the Nieuw Amsterdam. The restaurant is contemporary in style and is decorated with black and red. Its chairs have comfortable seating, and the tables aren’t so crowded as others we’ve observed. 

The table is situated aft of decks 2, 3 with seating available for lunch and breakfast. In the evening the 3rd deck has two fixed seatings starting at 5:45 and at 8:00 pm. Deck 2 is available to serve “as you wish” dining anytime between 5:45 – 9:30 at night. The guests must choose the style of dining they prefer when they make their reservation and their choice is noted in the cabin key card.

Pinnacle Grill

Pinnacle Grill

Pinnacle Grill Pinnacle Grill is Nieuw Amsterdam’s most exclusive steakhouse with an additional charge. The restaurant is intimate and chic in its style. The staff is friendly, but not overly pushy. The majority of tables are reserved for two guests, however, reservations are possible for larger parties. There is a Pinnacle Restaurant. Pinnacle Grill is located on deck 2, midship, and just across from the tranquil Pinnacle Bar.

Despite the cost the restaurant is well-known, and we suggest making reservations on the internet or calling Ship Services at 1-800-541-1576 as early as you can following making your reservation for your cruise. Once you have boarded the vessel you’ll be asked to confirm the exact date and time by contacting The Pinnacle Grill.



As excellent as The Pinnacle Grill is, Tamarind was our absolute favorite restaurant in Nieuw Amsterdam. There is a charge but this Pan-Asian restaurant is distinctive. Service and presentation are outstanding while the meals are fascinating and delicious. The food is not like the Chinese buffet from home. Tamarind is situated mid-ship at deck 11. adjacent Silk Den bar. Silk Den bar.

The lunch menu at Tamarind is included in the price and those looking to try this amazing restaurant may want to book a table for lunch.


Does Holland America have good food?

While many guests had their preferred eating spots, a good majority of guests joined in to say that they would eat anyplace they wanted to as long as they were on a cruise along with Holland America Line, like Pamela Hyatt who said, ” they are all good, everything is served with a smile!”

What is anytime dining in Holland America?

Holland America has “As You Wish Dining,” which means that you are able to take a seat anytime between 5:15 pm and 9 midnight and you can also choose a traditional dinner time with an early seating time of 5:45 pm or main seating starting at 8 9 pm. A private dining experience, the Pinnacle Grill is called the best in the world.

Does Holland America have buffets?

A wide selection of buffets and fancy dinners food and drinks on the verandah or picnic at the beach is only some choices for dining waiting for onboard Holland America Line’s premium cruise vacation. Holland America Line premium cruise vacation

Does Holland America charge for room service?

Holland America offers all-day standard room service, most of which is for free which includes Continental lunch and snacks. Other meals, like hot breakfast food, are offered with a charge, but there’s no extra charge for late-night dinners.

Do you tip for room service on a cruise ship?

Do I have to pay the person who brought my room service? It’s not mandatory but it’s usually considered appropriate to offer a tip of a dollar or two dollars to the person that brings the food to your room. Some may not want to take the invitation, but many will happily accept the gesture.

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