Chester’s Chicken Menu With Prices 2023

Chester’s Chicken Menu With Prices 2022

Chester’s International (also called Chester’s Chicken) is a family-owned fast-service restaurant fried chicken chain located in the United States. They provide potato wedges tenders with bones, wings, bones breakfast, sandwiches and sides, wraps, pizza as well as hot sauces, fried chicken, and many other items that are on the menu. 

In this article, I will give you a complete overview of Chester’s Chicken menu with prices and more.

They are known for their fresh, wholesome chicken that is marinated in a special way and double-breaded using a patented family recipe. Chester’s International has a specialization in serving premium chicken to their customers. In their establishments, they provide delivery as well as takeaway, and also you can order their food online by downloading their mobile application “Chester’s Chicken”.

Chester’s Chicken was founded by W.O. Giles in the year of 1965. Giles opened his first restaurant located in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S. in 1965. The year 2012 was the year that it moved its headquarters to Mountain Brook, Alabama. Birmingham suburban area Mountain Brook, Alabama.

In 2004 Ted Giles also joined the family business and assisted his grandfather and father in expanding the company. Presently, Ted Giles is the Chief Executive Officer and the President of Chester’s International. Chester’s International’s headquarters Chester’s International is located in Birmingham, Alabama, United States.

I believe that if you’ve planned to go out for lunch or dinner with your loved ones, then you should go to Chester’s International because they serve top-quality fried chicken, and offer the most excellent service that will surely win the hearts of your loved ones and you, too. 

So, don’t waste your time, bring the family out on a visit to Chester’s International and taste the delicious chicken fried. Look over Chester’s Chicken menu with prices as well as other details on the menu.

Chester’s Chicken Menu With Prices

Here’s this Chester’s Chicken menu and price list which you can look up and then place your order in accordance with:

Delicious Sides

Chester’s Chicken

Potato Wedges $1.79
Fried Corn $1.59
Coleslaw $1.69
Mashed Potatoes and Gravy $1.89
Mac and Cheese $2.09
Honey Butter Biscuits $1.09


Family Meal $22.99
Chicken $12.99
Tenders $6.99
By the Box $45.49

Combos and Snacks

3 Tenders Combo $9.29
4 Tenders Combo $10.99
2 Pieces Combo $8.99
3 Pieces Combo $9.99
2 Pieces Snack $4.99
3 Pieces Snack $6.29


Chester’s Chicken Sauces

Original $0.75
Honey Mustard $0.75
Ranch $0.75
BBQ $0.75
Sweet + Sour $0.75
Buffalo $0.75
Chicken Breast $3.19
Chicken Leg $1.99
Chicken Tender $1.89
Chicken Wing $1.89
Chicken Thigh $2.99


Chocolate Chip Cookie $0.89

Liter Soda

Cocacola $2.99
Cocacola Diet $2.99
Sprit $2.99
Fanta Orange $2.99
Pepsi $2.99
Canada Dry (Ginger Ale) $2.99
7 UP $2.99


Colada reguler $1.99
Colada Extra Suger $1.99
Cafe Con Leche (8 Oz) $1.79
Cafe Con Leche (16 Oz) $3.69


Chester’s Drinks

Cocacola Original Test $1.69
Cocacola Diet $1.69
Coca-Cola Zero Suger $1.69
Sprite® $1.69
Fanta® Orange $1.69
Hi-C Fruit Punch $2.99
Hi-C Lemonade $1.69
Minute Maid® Lemonade $1.69

American Coffee

Starbucks Coffee (C0LD) 13.7 FL OZ $3.49
Starbucks caramel (C0LD) 13.7 FL OZ $3.49
Starbucks Mocha (C0LD) 13.7 FL OZ $3.49
Dunkin Donuts Original (ICED) 13.7 FL OZ $2.99
Dunkin Donuts Mocha (ICED) 13.7 FL OZ $2.99
Dunkin Donuts Espresso (ICED) 13.7 FL OZ $2.99
Starbucks Vanilla (C0LD) 13.7 FL OZ $3.49


Tropicana Orange 12. OZ/ 355 ml (Bottled) $1.99
Tropicana Apple 12 OZ/ 355 ml (Bottled) $1.99
Tropicana Cranberry 12 OZ/ 355 ml (Bottled) $1.99
Tropicana Grapefruit 12 OZ/ 355 ml (Bottled) $1.99
Tropicana Lemon 12 OZ/ 355 ml (Bottled) $1.99

Drinking Bottled Water

Acqua Panna (33.8 FL OZ 1 LT) $2.99
Zephyrhills (50.7 FL OZ 1.5 LT) $3.99
Smart water (50.7 FL OZ 1.5 LT) $3.99
Evian (50.7 FL OZ 1.5 LT) $3.99
FIJI (50.7 FL OZ 1.5 LT) $3.99

Sparkling Water

Perrier Regular.(25.3 FL OZ 750ml) $2.81
Perrier Lemon.(25.3 FL OZ 750ml) $2.81
Perrier Lemon. (335ml $1.69
Perrier Regular. (335ml $1.69
S. Pellegrino (25.3 FL OZ 750ml) $2.81


Natural Yo Gusto Drinkable Yogurt (12.5 oz/370ml) $2.99
Mango Yo Gusto Drinkable Yogurt (12.5 oz/370ml) $2.99
Strawberry Yo Gusto Drinkable Yogurt (12.5 oz/370ml) $2.99
Banana berry Yo Gusto Drinkable Yogurt (12.5 oz/370ml) $2.99
Guava Yo Gusto Drinkable Yogurt (12.5 oz/370ml) $2.99
Guanabana Yo Gusto Drinkable Yogurt (12.5 oz/370ml) $2.99
Kumis Yo Gusto Drinkable Yogurt (12.5 oz) $2.99

Chester’s Chicken Near Me

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Chester’s Chicken Contact Information

Chester’s Chicken Address N/A
Chester’s Chicken Phone Number 1-800-646-9403
Chester’s Chicken Contact Form Fill Here

Chester’s Chicken Social Profiles

You can follow Chester’s Chicken restaurant on the social media platforms given below where they upload every update.

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Important Links

Below is a list of the most important websites for Chester’s Chicken restaurants like their places of operation and nutritional information, career opportunities, and so on.

Official Website
Chester’s Chicken Careers Check Here
Chester’s Chicken Franchise Check Here

Chester’s Chicken Franchising Information

If you’re looking to start a franchise for Chester’s Chicken then you must need a minimum Franchise fee of $5,000. The investment can range from $60,000 to $400,400 in order to utilize the name of the brand as well as the business plan.

FAQs Related To Chester’s Chicken

How many Chester’s chicken locations are there?

Chester’s Chicken has more than 1,200 restaurant locations in the United States and Canada.

Who is the owner of Chester’s?

Chesters Chicken is owed by Ted Giles.

Who founded Chester’s Chicken?

Chester Chicken was founded by W.O. Giles in the year 1965.

Final Words

This article is all concerning Chester’s Chicken menu and prices and we’ve also included numerous other details about this restaurant such as their contact information, social profiles, important hyperlinks, and more.

If you’ve been there previously or plan to come back after reading about what’s on the Chester’s Chicken menu with prices Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Happy eating! …!!!

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