Air Canada Food Menu International Flights 2023

Air Canada Food Menu

Air Canada has a great solution to make sure business class passengers have their first meal of choice and also provide something worth having in economy class. The airline will cater to passengers on flights, and then sell extra meals that are hidden behind the curtain.

A Genius Meal Service Concept For Business And Economy Class On Air Canada

I was very pleased when I boarded I was pleasantly surprised on my Air Canada economy class flight from Los Angeles to Vancouver to receive the option of a hot meal from the business class. It’s not often advertised and I’ve not seen it mentioned on any other blogs about travel. The flight attendants have not mentioned the issue and it’s not mentioned on the menus of the bistro.

On my IFE screen, I noticed an option on the in-flight menu labeled “meals.”

The way to work is that passengers in business class get their meals and any leftovers offered in economy class. Breakfast is C$9.00 while dinner or lunch costs C$13.50.

The airline attendant explained the procedure to me and then asked her companion to see if there was any food leftover from my flight. There was leftover chicken (Air Canada typically offers a pasta and meat choice for business class) I was delighted to buy.

The meal comes with no bread, salad, or dessert (as is the case for business-class meals) However, it was delicious and hearty.

The ability to reserve meals is the best choice I am particularly fond of this idea because it helps to ensure that every business class passenger has their first choice of food. By loading additional dishes, passengers who are in the final row will not need to endure the disappointment that one of their options is not being available anymore.


Air Canada’s meal plan for purchase in economy class is a fantastic idea. The hot meals are affordably priced and offer passengers in economy class the chance to eat a delicious meal aboard (we do not all have time to eat prior to or during flights). In addition, this strategy guarantees that passengers in business class (almost) always get their first choice of food.


Is food being served on international flights Air Canada?

There aren’t any snacks or meals to purchase, however Main meal options are available in the cabin on international long-haul flights.

Are meals offered on international flights?

If the flight is longer than 1,500 miles, passengers may have additional containers of water. Food and a wide range of beverages are offered when flying internationally.

Is Air Canada serving food Covid?

Relax, unwind and relax while enjoying our meals for Economy Class on international flights. When flights depart North America, a pre-packaged meal box will be served with a hot casserole along with a salad, bread roll, dessert. In the case of flights from North America, an enhanced meal box that is pre-packaged will be offered.

What food is served on Air Canada?

The majority of Air Canada International flights offer free meals. warm meals will be generally offered after take-off. the next meal service is more light. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

Can I bring food on the Air Canada flight?

You can take foods that are solid, like sandwiches, apples, and granola bars in your carry-on or checked baggage when traveling in Canada.

How do I select a meal on Air Canada?


  1. When you book online When you make your online booking, on the page for Passengers you can select the specific food item you want in the dropdown MEAL menu while you enter your passenger’s details.
  2. If you’ve made your online reservation: …
  3. If your flight itinerary contains codeshare flights or a flight operated by a different airline:

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